Radiobiologist at the LITO laboratory

What is your background?

After obtaining an STL baccalaureate, I enrolled in a biology degree at the UPMC (Pierre and Marie Curie University). At the end of the second year (not having validated all the modules), I switched to a DEUST, still at Jussieu. After obtaining this diploma (no longer very sure of what I wanted as a job for a large part of my life), I worked for 7 months to be able to go to Australia for 5 months. This trip gave me the certainty to continue in biology, the week I came back I registered for a Licence Pro. I did my work-study at the LIMP (Positronic Molecular Imaging Laboratory) where I ended up staying for 7 years, doing a master's degree and a thesis. Once I had finished my thesis, I joined the Institut Curie as a post-doc for just under 2 years and I am currently working on a permanent contract in the Radiopharmacology department.

What was your thesis subject?

"Comparison of gallium-68 and fluorine-18 labelled radiotracers for PET imaging of preclinical models of neuroblastoma, glioblastoma or bronchopulmonary cancer. "
In a few words, I worked on the development of imaging agents, I studied them in preclinical to bring solutions in the clinic and to evolve the management of patients with certain cancers.

What was the objective of your post-doctorate?

The objective was to study the radiopharmacokinetics of a new tracer in a clinical trial. The study focuses on the behaviour of the molecule in patients with chordoma (a rare tumour) through dynamic image analysis, quantification of the tracer in blood samples and compartmental modelling.

What is your current position?

R&D Project Manager

What do you particularly like about your job?

The crossroads! I really enjoy working with different specialities, building my research using the knowledge of each one to solve the enigmas of life.

If you were a book?

I would be an "Ocean of love" because there are no words...