ICARE: This package contains the Individual Coefficient Approximation for Risk Estimation (ICARE) survival model. This model was the winning solution for the MICCAI 2022 challenge: HEad and neCK TumOR (HECKTOR) for the outcome prediction task from PET/CT. The model has also been adapted for classification and ranking tasks. Article describing the method.




LIFEx: a user-friendly software for image analysis and calculation of radiomic features. Article describing the software.




Combat: a user-friendly software for the harmonization of radiomic feature values. Article describing the method and in which conditions it can be used.

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ai4elife: A software for the automated segmentation of Maximum Intensity Projections in Emission Tomography and subsequent calculation of a surrogate Total Metabolic Tumor Volume and of a dissemination feature. Article describing the method and its validation in lymphoma patients.