The primary objective of the BIOMEDE-IA project (2020-2023) is to predict by machine learning methods the main genomic mutations of patients with diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas from their clinical and imaging (multi-parametric MRI) features, to manage the cases for which biopsy is not available.

In a second step, by jointly analyzing the available data set, we will seek to define the characteristics of subjects with a survival of more than two years. This project, carried out in collaboration with Gustave-Roussy, Necker Hospital and Neurospin, is based on data acquired by clinical trials BIOMEDE (2014-2019) and BIOMEDE-2 (2020-2023).

People involved in the lab : Frédérique Frouin (responsible for the lab), Fahad Khalid (Alumni), Stéphanie-Jehan-Besson (Alumni)