The TIPIT project (2020-2023), who involves U900 Inserm - Institut Curie - PSL (Head : Emmanuel Barillot), the Department of thoracic oncology of Institut Curie (Head : Nicolas Girard) and our lab is funded by the ARC fondation, as part of the SIGNIT call,  for 3 years.

The project will consist in gathering a database of genomic, radiomic, clinical and pathological data in 200 patients with non small cell lung cancer to get a comprehensive view of each tumor and of its microenvironment. By mining these data, we will characterize each tumor using a multiscale approach, and will try to predict their response to immunotherapy using artificial intelligence methods. The goal is to get a prediction that would be accurate enough to be clinically useful for patient management.  

People involved in the lab : Hervé Brisse, Toulsie Ramtohul, Marie Luporsi, Nicolas Captier, Fanny Orlhac (co-responsible for the lab), Irène Buvat (co-responsible for the lab).