LIFEx is a user-friendly image processing software, making it possible for colleagues without any programming skills to perform radiomic studies using any type of medical images, including PET, MR, CT, SPECT or US images.

Software development is performed by Christophe Nioche, a research engineer in LITO, and the software is freely available to the scientific community. The software is constantly evolving to account for the suggestions and contributions of users, with whom we maintain tight interactions. All radiomic features available through this software do conform the recommendations of the international IBSI consortium we belong to.

LIFEx currently has more than 5000 users across the world. Its initial version has been described in a 2018 Cancer Research paper. All you may want to know about LIFEx (download, latest version, FAQ, tutorials) can be found on a dedicated web site.

Christophe Nioche received the Unicancer Innovation Award - 2020 edition, in the Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences category, for LIFEx, an integrated software for reproducible and transparent radiomics research. This award recognises its essential contribution to the development of accessible and reproducible radiomics, following standards compatible with those set by the International Imaging Biomarker Standardisation Initiative.

People involved in the lab : Christophe Nioche (principal investigator), Fanny Orlhac, Frédérique Frouin, Irène Buvat.